“Yes, there are many who seem to be happy in their lives and work. But strange lives, queer work. Space technicians, for example, busily refining a new type of inertial guidance system for an intercontinental ballistic missile bearing hydrogen bombs. Laboratory biologists testing the ability of mice, dogs, and chimpanzees to cultivate cancer on a diet of cigarettes and Holsum bread, to propel a treadmill under electric stimuli, to survive zero gravity in centrifuge. And the absurd R. Buckminster Fuller hurling himself around the globe by supersonic jet with six wristwatches strapped to each forearm, each watch set to a different timezone. ‘The world is big,’ says Fuller, ‘but it is comprehensible.’ Why indeed so it is, when you take myopia for utopia, travel in a tin tube, and think the Astrodome is home.'”

Edward Abbey, “Down the River with Henry Thoreau.”


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