“…Ledig’s background and career did not fit the usual postwar pattern of the life of a man of letters. It is hard to imagine him as a member of Gruppe 47. His deliberately intense, uncompromising style, designed to evoke disgust and revulsion, once again conjured up the ghost of anarchy at a time when the economic miracle was already on its way; he evoked the fears of general dissolution that threatened the collapse of all order, with humans running wild and descending into lawlessness and irreversible ruin. Ledig’s novels, in no way inferior to those of other authors of the 1950s whose names are still known and whose works are discussed, were excluded from cultural memory because they threatened to break the cordon sanitaire cast by society around the death zones of the dystopian incursions that actually occured.”

– W.G. Sebald, On the Natural History of Destruction

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